Postal + RollWorks


Engage with target accounts in meaningful and data driven ways to move them along the buying journey.

With RollWorks and Postal together, mutual customers can create automated offline campaigns via HubSpot workflows that will engage the right accounts and contacts at the right time in their buying journeys.

Key use cases include using RollWorks data to trigger a Postal gift or offline campaign
when an account
  • is added to a Target Account List based on fit, intent, or Journey Stage.
  • reaches certain engagement thresholds.
  • spikes in activity during a designated period.
  • Automated offline marketing campaigns
  • Gifting based on account insights
  • Ad data-driven gifting
  • Improved direct mail and gifting strategies that engage the right accounts at the right time
  • Assurance that gifting decisions are being made based on real-time data
  • Maximized ROI in offline engagement channel

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