Crossbeam + RollWorks

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Crossbeam enables companies and their technology partners to find overlapping customers and prospects.

The Crossbeam + RollWorks integration allows ambitious B2B marketers that use partner technology to both close and renew at a higher rate by identifying and engaging high-fit account lists with their partners’ mutual customers and prospects. Partner data based account lists can then be used and activated like any other account list in RollWorks to drive awareness, adoption and activation within your partner technology ecosystem:

  • Create high-value/ high-fit account lists based on partner technology data
    • Shared customer lists between a company and company’s technology partners
    • Shared prospect lists between a company and company’s technology partners
    • Shared open opportunities lists a company and company’s technology partners
  • Target high-value/ high-fit account lists with digital ads
    • Drive awareness and adoption of partnerships
    • Co-sell / market overlapping opportunities and prospects
  • Use data-driven insights to measure ABM impact
    • Measure impact of ad campaigns to partner-based account lists
    • Measure account progression within the partner-based account lists

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