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From Marketer to CEO

Join SmartBug Media at the ABM Lounge at INBOUND

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From Marketer to CEO: Unleashing Success in a Remote Environment
As a marketer, it can be challenging to earn your seat at the executive table, especially if your company has historically viewed marketing as a cost-center and not a profit center. As a once (and always) marketer who climbed the ranks to become CEO at one of HubSpot’s highest-awarded partner organizations, Jen Spencer will share how she leaned into SmartBug Media’s fully remote environment to help expand company culture, build marketing and sales energy, and curate meaningful outcomes that resonate with executives and investors.

Event Details:
Who: INBOUND attendees
When: 9/6 - 9/8, 1:30 - 2:00 pm ET
Where: The ABM Lounge at INBOUND (Level 0 on the east side of the building)
Lounge space is limited, so don’t be late!

Jen Spencer, CEO, SmartBug Media

Over Jen’s career, she has built several demand generation and sales enablement programs from the ground up and has experience working within tech startups, publicly traded companies, mid-market organizations, and the not-for-profit space. Jen subscribes to the notion that “we’re all in this together” and that great communication leads to great partnership. She loves animals, technology, the arts, and really good Scotch.

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