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The Revenue Revolution: Women Reshaping the B2B Revenue Landscape

Empowering Women in B2B Revenue Leadership: Unveiling Insights, Strategies, and Success Stories to Drive the Revenue Revolution

Webinar Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

We’re commemorating Women’s Equality Day with a panel of revenue leaders from G2, Instapage, Opensense, Sendoso, SmartBug Media, and RollWorks, who’ll share personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs in their journey to the revenue leadership table.

Gain valuable insights as our experts discuss the current headwinds women face in attaining leadership positions in the workplace, the strides they’ve made, the numbers that really matter, and the pivotal role women play in driving innovation and growth within tech companies and beyond.

Tune in for valuable insights including:
  • Firsthand accounts of the obstacles and biases women face in attaining revenue leadership positions and how to overcome them.
  • Discovery of the diverse career paths, strategies, and essential skills that have propelled our panelists to their esteemed roles and how you can forge your path.
  • Embracing mentorship and sponsorship in supporting and nurturing aspiring women rev leaders, fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth.
  • Insights into the initiatives, policies, and cultural shifts needed to uplift women in leadership roles and create a more equitable future.
  • Tangible strategies for advancement and success, with a focus on the KPIs that matter most.
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Post-webinar we’ll randomly select 20 winners who stay for the full session to receive a free RollWorks “Women in Revenue” t-shirt.

Host and Moderator:
Roli Saxena
CEO, NextRoll (Parent Company of RollWorks & AdRoll)


Roli is a Global C-level Technology Executive, Board Member, and Angel Investor who specializes in leading business transformations, operational effectiveness, and strategy for early-to-late-stage startups and established publicly traded companies.

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Laura Horton
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, G2


Laura Horton brings more than 15 years of B2B marketing experience to her role as Senior Director of Product Marketing at G2. Starting her career as a solo marketer, and eventually growing to lead teams large and small, Laura takes a holistic perspective on product marketing by applying the lens of her experience in leading teams that included content marketing, demand generation, and even events. Prior to joining G2, Laura held leadership roles at Pardot/Salesforce and Truist.


Ashley Brown
Associate Director of Customer Success, Instapage


As Associate Director of Customer Success at Instapage, Ashley Brown brings experience driving customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and cross-functional collaboration. Her holistic approach to customer retention and growth is grounded in understanding client journeys, fostering continuous improvement, and delivering tangible results. At Instapage, her leadership has been pivotal in shaping the Customer Success team's strategy. Ashley resides in coastal New England with her husband and crazy-yet-perfect puppy, Leo.

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Srishti Chugh
Director of Customer Success and Solutions Engineering, Opensense


As the Director of Customer Success and Solutions Engineering at OpenSense, Srishti brings over a decade of technology expertise and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business to her leadership role. Starting her Opensense journey as a Customer Success Manager, she has grown to oversee customer success team, driving exceptional service and team performance. Srishti’s passion for team development, transparent communication, and continuous innovation has fueled her success, making her a driving force behind Opensense’s customer satisfaction and team performance.


Heather Williams
Director of Customer Success, Sendoso



Alyssa Thornley
Sales Director, SmartBug Media


Alyssa is a seasoned veteran in the B2B marketing and sales arena. With a career rich in experience, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge that spans various industries. She believes in pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box, especially regarding inbound and outbound sales tactics. Alyssa also knows the power of a good story. She understands that people connect with narratives that touch their hearts and stir their imaginations. That's why she's keen on incorporating storytelling into the sales process. Alyssa isn't just a sales leader; she's a trailblazer, and a storyteller.


Lizzie Chapman
VP, Partnerships & Channels,
RollWorks and AdRoll


Lizzie Chapman is the VP of Partnerships and Channels for RollWorks and AdRoll. She’s worked in advertising technology for over a decade, mainly in business development and product strategy roles, building platform businesses from the ground up and continuing to innovate across them. Her leadership roles have focused on building teams and investing in people in order to produce the best business outcomes and fulfilling work environments.


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