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ABM Grill Masters: Sizzling ABM plays to recover from the summer slump

Join us for a fun panel webinar serving up juicy plays to heat up your pipeline!

Webinar Date and Time:
Wednesday, July 12, 2023 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Looking for new rev marketing plays and tactics to keep your marketing efforts sizzling? Join revenue marketing leaders from G2, Instapage, Opensense, Sendoso, SmartBug Media, and RollWorks with special guest host Nick Bennett, for an engaging virtual BBQ-themed webinar, where we'll serve up a delectable blend of expert insights and refreshing strategies to help your pipeline recover from the dreaded summer slowdown.

In this interactive session, our seasoned rev marketing experts will dive deep into the challenges faced by their marketing teams during the summer months and share tips and plays of effective tactics to recover. Picture yourself at a sun-drenched backyard BBQ, surrounded by like-minded marketers, as we grill up some juicy plays that are sure to spice up your H2 marketing initiatives.

Highlights will include:
  • Understanding the Summer Slump: Uncover the reasons behind the traditional dip in B2B marketing during the summer and explore how it impacts your targets.
  • Building the Perfect Marinade: Discover innovative ABM strategies tailored to beat the heat and engage your prospects and customers, even when they're on vacation mode!
  • Flipping the Burger: Learn how to craft compelling and personalized content that resonates with your audience's summer mindset, making your campaigns irresistibly shareable.
  • Lighting the Grill: Dive into automation techniques that can supercharge your campaigns, helping you achieve optimal results with minimal effort.
  • Serving up Success Stories: Gain inspiration from real-life case studies of businesses that have successfully overcome the summer slump, and learn from their playbook to achieve similar triumphs.
Contest Alert - Stay for the LIVE session and win!
We’ll randomly choose three attendees who attend the full session to win either a deluxe grill set or a summer cookout box!

Host and Moderator:
Nick Bennett
Anonymous Marketer Podcast Host & Creator, Co-Founder of Club-PF, B2B Saas Marketing Advisor

Jill Brock
Sr. Director of Demand Gen


As Sr. Director of Demand Gen, Jill Brock leads RollWorks’ team of ABM specialists to leverage multi-channel campaigns that engage and delight prospects and customers alike. In her work, Jill spearheads RollWorks’ ABM strategy to creatively engage all audiences, from acquisition to retention, working closely with Sales to drive predictable and long-term growth for the business.

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Michael Pannone
Director of Global Demand Generation


Michael Pannone is G2's Director of Global Demand Generation and oversees lead generation strategies, multi-channel campaigns and messaging, digital channel performance and optimization, and paid advertising from APAC to AMER for all business segments. From brand awareness and events, to full-funnel conversion optimization and customer lifecycle marketing, Michael’s passion is connecting audiences to business outcomes and results to the bottom line.


Jake Ayars
Digital Marketing Lead


As Digital Marketing Lead at Instapage, Jake Ayars combines marketing, strategy, up-to-the-minute techniques, and continuous innovation to drive growth while supporting business and financial objectives. He is passionate about solving complex challenges by implementing highly effective multi-touch, omnichannel campaigns. He has driven success across digital marketing, GTM strategies, business development, and growth marketing initiatives. Prior to Instapage, Jake gained digital marketing prowess spanning across verticals, from hospitality to digital design.

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Bobby Narang
Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer


Bobby spends his days working closely with all of the most critical business units at the company, from sales to partnerships. He supports the team in growing and nurturing top accounts and maximizing the value customers receive day in and day out from the Opensense platform.


Jess Fisher
Sr. Director of Demand Gen


Jess Fisher is a results-driven marketing professional with extensive experience in demand generation, lifecycle marketing, and ABM. Currently serving as a Sr. Director of Demand Generation and Lifecycle Marketing at Sendoso, she manages global teams and oversees various marketing programs to drive lead generation, pipeline creation, and full-funnel optimization.


Alison Lillie
Marketing Strategist
SmartBug Media


Alison is a data-driven marketing strategist with a successful track of building and growing digital programs with ABM and inbound across SaaS, apparel, physical security, healthcare, senior living, and manufacturing. After working with clients throughout the years, she's learned that successful marketing programs all have three things in common: clean data and systems, persona-targeted content, and marketing-sales alignment.


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