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Intent Data and Ad Performance

Join Bombora at the ABM Lounge at INBOUND

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Using Intent data to optimize advertising performance:

Bombora’s digital marketing team was looking for ways to improve its advertising performance without increasing budget. As they shifted to a more account-based approach on paid, the team turned to their own Intent data to prioritize who to get in front of and what content would be relevant based on what those people were researching.

By getting more specific with targeting, Bombora captured an uptick in conversions and gained above-average programmatic campaign performance within RollWorks. Now, they’re looking to replicate that success on LinkedIn using a similar approach.

Join us for a deep dive session featuring Bombora’s digital marketing expert, Brandon Santos, as he reviews how to:
  • Use Intent data at the core of a paid advertising strategy
  • Set up an Intent-driven ABM campaign within RollWorks and LinkedIn
  • Nail the advertising fundamentals to maximize ROI
Event Details:
Who: INBOUND Attendees
When: 9/7 - 9/9, 12:30 - 1:00pm ET
Where: The ABM Lounge at INBOUND (Level 0 on the east side of the building)
Lounge space is limited, so don’t be late!

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